Hang Out & Do Good with US!

Hang Out & Do Good with US!

Hang Out & Do Good with US! Hang Out & Do Good with US! Hang Out & Do Good with US!



HODG is a progressive, inclusive, action-oriented volunteer community.

We engage in constant and unrelenting bad-ass actions -- often times in coalition with other bad-ass groups -- with the goal of making our world more just. We gather regularly. We show up often. And we do it all with a sense of of joy, adventure, empathy and hope. 

Some groups are laser focused on doing one thing really well. Not us.

At HODG, we get in all sorts of good trouble -- we knock on doors and register voters.  We donate blood and get arrested. We aren’t afraid to put our hearts, minds, and bodies into this. We call  it “crop rotation activism”: focus on just one issue or action, it depletes your soul; focus on lots of different actions, they replenish one another. 

We aren’t interested in re-inventing the wheel.

All of HODG's actions, ideas, and philosophies come from the women, men and organizations -- past and present -- who have done this work way better and way longer than any of us. People like Bryan Stevenson, James Lawson, Sarah Burton and Stacey Abrams. It’s because of them that we get uncomfortable, get close, get in trouble and bring the joy.  

Which brings us to our name. HODG? What’s the deal?

It stands for Hang Out, Do Good.  

Because, at the end of the day, that’s what civic engagement is about for us. 

Hanging out together. And doing good. Come join us!

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