The Huddle

Jennifer Levin (She/Her)


Jennifer is a tv writer, a parent, a wife and a co-founder of HODG. She is awake, but very very tired

Helen Eigenberg (She/Her)


Sex Educator, wife, connector, activist, avid hiker and thinker 

Chris Bubser (She/Her)


Former healthcare marketing executive turned healthcare-for-all activist turned candidate for Congress in CA-8

Andrea Rothschild (She/Her)


Mom, wife, fierce friend, progressive activist communications expert and advocate. Follows politics, women's news, food, and anything literary.

Samara Bay (She/Her)


Samara Bay teaches actors funny voices (dialect coach: Wonder Woman 1984, American Crime Story: Versace, Avengers: Endgame) and teaches women running for office, entrepreneurs, and creatives how to be taken seriously (UN speeches, product pitches, campaign media). 

Francine Tansey (She/Her)


Retiree. Mom. Wife. Inspired Activist-in-Training.  

Renée Threatte (She/Her)


Actor, artist, and ally. Renée thinks things are kinda messed up right now and likes taking small and large steps alike to make it better.