do good nationally


From phone banking for progressive candidates to getting arrested in DC...

HODG has been real riled up by the current state of our country. And when we're riled up, we show up for: 

  • National Elections (Voter Registration, Postcarding, Phone Banking) 
  • State Elections (Postcarding, Textbanking)
  • Progressive Candidates (Meet + Greets for people like Katie Porter, Katie Hill, Mike Levin... And also Senators! Like  Heidi Heitcamp  who voted "no" against Kavanaugh even though she knew it would cost her her job. Didn't matter, our group has integrity and wanted to thank her for doing the right thing so we knocked on doors for her -- in North Dakota!)
  • Inclusive (Low-Entry) Fundraising, like our Great State Fair which focused on flipping the 8 Great States during the 2016 election. 
  • Immigrants (We went to the border and helped organize vigils to protest what's happening at our borders)
  • Women (We organized #stopthebans protests)

do good locally


We think we live in the best city in America, but LA has its own challenges

There's lots to focus on across the country, but we don't forget that there is plenty good trouble to get into  right in our own backyard, such as:

  • Working to defeat the construction of two new jails, and get Civilian Oversight and subpoena power over LA's troubled Sheriff and Probation Departments.
  • Organizing Blood Drives - It’s fun when you do it with friends and with Cedars-Sinai Mobile Unit who comes right to a HODG house in Hancock Park
  • Making lunches and delivering them to our homeless neighbors  - sometimes we make as many as 300 lunches in a morning. 
  • Participating in the Homeless Count with Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. 
  • Organizing and partnering with groups like Big Sunday, Covenant House and Alexandria House to cloth fellow Los Angelenos in need. 
  • Founding and organizing the Hollywood Planned Parenthood Action Group
  • Supporting local organizations like Black Women for Wellness, People Concern,  CHIRLA, and so many more!